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Frequently Asked Questions

Specifications and functions

Please explain the features of the PLANTAXIS® service.

PLANTAXIS® is a facility management service that mainly utilizes 3D point cloud data. It is a subscription based service that consists of scanning and periodic updating of 3D point cloud data, data entry and reports of facility management information, and operational support via periodic consultations.

What do we need before we can use the PLANTAXIS® service?

The service can be used with a normal PC and internet communication environment. On-site inspections require a tablet (iPad).

Is the system secure?

The PLANTAXIS® environment is supported by an operating system that ensures safe use by customers, and a multi-layered defense system that reliably protects customer’s important information.
Examples of multi-layer defense system:
・Development of 24-hour monitoring, back-up and control systems
・Fire wall protection against external attacks
・Intrusion prevention system that detects and prevents external intrusion.
・Storage of confidential information in a database isolated from the Internet.

Is the service usable in foreign countries?

A multilingual support system is under development.

Is it difficult to operate the 3D system?

It uses intuitive mouse-based operation.

Do we need to install the system?

No. Just access a browser and you will be able to always use the latest version of the system.

How long will the 3D scanning process take?

This depends on the environment where the service will be used and how many units of equipment are installed within the facility concerned. Please feel free to contact us. We will respond to each inquiry.

Is it possible to transfer data from an existing system?

This depends on the individual system. PLANTAXIS® allows for data being imported using CSV files.

Is it a food plant dedicated service?

No, it can also be used for facility management in various other industries. Please feel free to contact us. We will respond to each inquiry.

Contract procedure

Please tell me about the inquiry-to-contract-conclusion process.

According to the actual inquiry, someone who best suits handling it will contact you. Then, via meetings and explanations of the service, we can then listen to any requests you have regarding the scope of the service and provide a quotation.

Please tell me about the contract-conclusion-to-start-of-use process.

After a concluding a contract, our personnel will visit you to acquire the necessary 3D point cloud data. We will register the 3D data in PLANTAXIS®, together with other data on the facility management and inspection plans provided by you. It can then be used as soon as the registration process has been completed.

Could you tell me how long it will take before we can start to use the system.

This depends on when the 3D point cloud data can be acquired and the scope of the service. Please feel free to contact us. We will respond to each inquiry.

Is a trial version available?

Yes, it is. Please feel free to contact us. We will provide a demonstration version of PLANTAXIS®.

Subscription fee

Please tell me about the subscription fee.

This depends on the area of where the system will be used and the scope of use. Please feel free to contact us. We will respond to each inquiry.

Is the number of users limited?

No, there is no limit. The license fee does not change according to the number of the users, either.

How long is the contract term?

The contract expires after one year.